sexmas sale

My apologies; so much has been going on with me that I have nearly let the first half of December get away without reminding y’all that the annual Sexmas Sale is underway, with the usual substantial discounts on a great many quality sex toys and deliciously-kinky BDSM items. But all is not lost; far from it! The Stockroom has an agressive shipping schedule that lets you order for Christmas Eve delivery all the way up until the afternoon of December 23rd, although for standard shipping you should order by 2:00 PM this Thursday, December 17. That’s almost four days away, so you’ve got plenty of time!

What I have not yet had plenty of time to do is to lovingly peruse the sale and share with you my favorite sale items (which usually means “most heavily discounted” items, since I am a cheapskate from way back). No detailed ErosBlog Guide To The Sexmas Sale this year, sorry! But I did notice with interest that their Experimental Bondage Kit (a great non-threatening way to start bringing bondage gear into the house) is not only discounted, but available in festive Christmas red. Can you say “stocking suffer”, boys and girls? I knew you could!


If for some reason you can’t say “stocking stuffer”, now is the time to practice. Just say it over and over until it starts to sound dirty. (That’s when you’ll know you’re saying it right!)

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