dragged out of her house by her hair

The “dragged by her hair” photo above has been used all over the web to make an impressive variety of mostly-misogynist visual memes. But Erectus has tracked down the true source, at author Tawna Fenske’s blog post titled The boys who live with me and pull my hair:

Another time I decided I wanted a photo of me being dragged by the hair to accompany my final Debutante Ball blog post. A friend offered to snap the picture and approached one of the housemates to assist.

“Would you mind grabbing Tawna by the hair and pretending to drag her out the door while I take a picture?” he asked.

The housemate shrugged. “Sure, as long as you hurry up,” he said. “I don’t want to miss the sunset.”

The phrase, “what for?” never crossed his lips.

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