Whilst I was following up an artist attribution that a commenter kindly provided on an old post, I stumbled upon this example of extreme corsetry at a unique little Tumblr called Fetish Wear History:

woman in a very extreme corset fondling her breasts in a postcard for the Paris Exposition of 1900

The art, which is by Georges Mouton, is from a humorous postcard commemorating the Paris Universal Exhibition Of 1900. I believe the postcard may be a parody of industrial advertising cards of the times, captioning this woman’s breasts as her “Weapons for the Chase” as if they were in “Group 9, Class 51” in a large catalog of military goods. Here’s a clearer version of the card from a site that catalogs many humorous postcards from the Paris Exhibition:

Georges Mouton fetish corsetry art postcard

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