There is a frequent tendency in both history and erotic literature to underestimate the erotic capacity of eunuchs.

Alec Knight as Varys has a surprise under his robe for Brandi Love as Cersei

Whether this tendency is merely a useful dramatic device, or whether it reflects a more-resilient human sexuality than the one imagined by whomever was doing all the castrating, I could not pretend to know. So far as I can remember, the Game of Thrones scriptwriters have not yet explored any sexual capacity Varys the eunuch may retain. No such self-restraint is on display in the Hustler production This Ain’t Game Of Thrones XXX, a Hustler parody film available here and here. Indeed the parodic Varys appears to retain all of his parts in firm working order, a surprise for parody-Cersei that she is determined to enjoy:

eunuch with a big huge fat long dick that seems to work

Varys the eunuch fucks cersei from behind in Game of Thrones parody

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