Paid phone sex services were a thriving enterprise long before the internet brought us infinite porn and camgirls on tap. I have thick 1980s porn magazines in my collection where more than half the pages consist of colorful and lurid phone sex advertising. Phone sex services are still popular today because phone sex is a lot more personal and interactive than porn, while being (usually) cheaper than a session with a camgirl or an in-person sex worker. Modern phone sex doesn’t even require a telephone, now that voice connections via the internet are such a common and easy thing. And that allows for international marketing of what used to be quite country-specific services. Which makes this your lucky day if you have a “thing” for the accents of South Asia, because Indian Sex Talk — described as “the #1 phone sex chat service in India” — is now available anywhere that you can get an internet connection.


The site makes clear that international customers are welcome, but my impression is that the service may primarily be aimed at customers within India. The languages spoken by each of the phone sex operators on the site are listed, and in a minority of cases the girls may not speak English, so make sure you check before you call. Sorry, gents, but if you want to chat with Pooja from Delhi, you’ll need to do it in Hindi or Punjabi:



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