There’s a lengthy interview at XBIZ with director, performer, and dominatrix Aiden Starr. Much of the interview is about her porn movies and how she makes them, but as part of the “what inspires you?” conversation she shares in detail her enthusiasm for anal sex. It reminds me just how rare it is to see people talking clearly and openly about what they enjoy sexually:

I just think about how I feel about a girl — it’s typically very ass-centric, very anal. I’m really into fucking girls in the ass in my personal life. I’m into anal all the time. One of my friends said if I had a watch, it would have one time on it — it’d point to anal and it would always be time for anal. Because, I really like fucking people in the ass — men and women, fucking everybody. I’m inspired sexually by what I want to do, and that’s what ends up in my movies. And my movies are kind of the vehicle for expressing myself sexually, which may be bad, but seems to be working so far! And I like girls with curvy butts. I like watching their assholes open and close. I really like what happens when girls choke on dicks, like what their assholes do when they choke on dicks, I’m a fetishist, so that’s how all these things kind of go down.

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