If my social media feeds are to be believed — and I see no reason why they should not be — a modern woman on social media today is likely to be importuned by male internet strangers in a thousand different ways. These importunate strangers want her attention, her nude pictures, her sexy chat, her emotional labor, her performance for them one way or another. Some of these women — including, but not limited to, the many strongly self-actualized sex workers I am fortunate to have in my feeds — have adopted the motto “Fuck you, pay me!” as their response to these many demands. Whether it’s their literal actual response, or whether it’s their summary for Twitter capturing the emotional content of their actual response, I’m not in a position to know. But when I imagine them counting their hard-earned cash at the end of a long and weary day, this is my vision:

sex worker counting her money at the end of a hard day

The artwork is a detail from what I believe to be an Italian pulp novel cover.

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