In a post at Lady Laid Bare where Jillian Boyd is exploring her enjoyment of wet slippery lubed and oiled skin, there’s a quick reference to a cams performer on Chaturbate who is having a good night:

Reader, I must confess – I am seriously into the sight of glistening skin.

It’s why I nearly jizzed myself with happiness when I saw the links to those videos. I wasn’t even aware there was porn which catered so specifically to this turn-on – but there it was, a glimpse of a whole website dedicated to lube drizzling on tits and abs, to sticky and wet fucks and the glee of making a great big mess with personal lubricant.

Now, as we’re both still in the process of unpacking from our move, I haven’t the faintest idea where our actual stash of lube is, despite me clearly remembering packing it. For that matter, I’m also not entirely sure where the rest of our towels are. But what we did have to hand, right on top of the chest of drawers next to my side of the bed, was a bottle of Body Shop lavender massage oil. Which would not only do the job quite nicely, but would also make less of a mess. It would do. For now. Besides, I was already soaking wet from watching our cam girl of choice on Chaturbate – she was naked, spread out and at the mercy of an OhMiBod vibrator inside her, which pinged every time she got tipped. Judging from the wall of yellow in the chat box, the constant beeping sound of tipping and the fact that she was pretty much constantly grinding and moaning, she was having a pretty goddamn good night of it.

I am fascinated by this field observation of a pleasure loop in which the act of getting paid is quite literally a sexual stimulus. There is, to be sure, a cynical perspective from which to consider the account, one in which the cam girl is cast rigorously as a “performer” so that her performance of sexual response and pleasure can be denigrated as somehow insincere (because money). But it seems to me that human sexuality is more complex than that. I don’t have any trouble at all believing that the performer here was experiencing genuine sexual pleasure, mediated by a competent vibrator and reinforced by the continuous influx of “sincere flattery” — which is to say, money. Getting paid is pleasurable, and so is a decent vibration delivered with an unpredictable pattern. Even if this performer set out to deliver a show in which she performed pleasure without intending or expecting to experience it, I’m not entirely convinced that she would or could have been successful at doing so. If you mix two different pleasures often and thoroughly enough, they become associated with one another. That’s one way fetishes are built.

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