I owe a great debt to commenter Kim for accurately predicting my interest in and amusement at this political cartoon from the cover of a 1913 issue of Puck. If the cartoon strikes you somehow as being especially topical today, I shan’t be the one to try and argue you out of it:

suffragette women dragging England into the swamp of equality

The cartoon is captioned “Come on in, John, the water’s fine!” The name “John” is of course a reference to John Bull the personification of England, shown here being dragged into that dreaded swamp of equality entitled “Women’s Suffrage”. The four mostly-naked suffragettes doing the dragging are drawn with the full measure of comic mockery that was typical of the time. The “with apologies” legend at the extreme bottom right is presumably directed at William-Adolphe Bouguereau, the artist long-beloved here at ErosBlog for painting Nymphs and Satyr, which artwork this Puck cartoon parodies rather directly.

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