Here’s a special little tale of conflict that might have inspired the concept of the winner-fucks-loser girl-wrestling website Ultimate Surrender:

Janet pulled the box closer and opened the lid. When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes. In the box were two large strap on dildos and a couple of sets of handcuffs.

“What’s this for?” Janet asked, while shooting a hard look at her rival.

“I’m challenging you to a duel”, Susan replied. “I love Steve and I’m willing to fight for him. I dare you to meet me in a sexfight with Steve as the prize. I propose that we meet in the nude with these strap on dildos and our hands cuffed behind our backs. The winner gets Steve and the loser goes away and doesn’t come back.

Janet studied the blonde for several minutes and then said, “I accept, name your time and place.”

… Janet’s heart beat like a war drum in her ears. She was stark naked, with both hands cuffed behind her back and locked in the same room as her worst enemy. There was no where to run and no where to hide. The long tool between her legs was her only hope, her only weapon against a women bent on destroying her.

The two rivals stared at each other in stony silence. The only sound in the room was the faint buzzing of the light fixture. As if by some secret signal that only they could understand, the two women started walking toward each other. Stopping just a couple of feet apart, they began to circle. The dildos strapped to their waists, bobbed gently up and down, their glistening tips only inches apart.

“I’m going to make you sorry you ever messed with me”, Susan whispered as they circled. “I’m going to fuck you raw. You won’t be able to take any man inside you after I’m done.”

“Oh yeah”, Janet replied. “You’re dreaming bitch. I’m going to shove this dong into places you don’t even know you have yet.”

“Come on and just try it”, Susan snarled.

With a low growl, the two women slammed into each other, breast to breast. Beneath them, the dildos came together with a plastic clatter and dug into their stomachs as they pressed against each other. The sexfight was ON!

Taking a small step back, Susan spread her legs wide in invitation.

“Come here and fight me you little bitch”, she snarled.

Janet spread her legs and bent her knees, moving up until their pussies were only inches apart, the plastic dildos swaying above.

“You want some of me come and get it”, Janet replied.

Bending low, Susan leaned back and thrust up at her rival. Janet twisted to the left and Susan’s dildo slid over the top of her bare left thigh. Janet stooped lower and thrust back, missing her bushy blonde target and leaving a trail of gel on Susan’s stomach.

Standing nearly on top of each other, the two young women continued to rock their hips, trading thrust for thrust. Each tried to kneel lower that the other so that she could shove her dildo up and into her rival’s unprotected cunt. The hard plastic dongs beat against each other as they twisted and fought, thrusting their hips wildly.

They battled on for several minutes, missing over and over as the dildos darted back and forth, bouncing and sliding, then suddenly it happened. Janet had just missed with a thrust, the dong passing between Susan’s thighs and over but not into her vagina. As Janet started to pull back for yet another try, Susan rocked forward and thrust upward, the tapered point of her dildo slipping easily into Janet’s exposed sex. Janet gasped in shock as Susan, smiling now, pushed the big thick dong about half way into her. Janet straightened up and stumbled backwards. Susan tried to follow, but was just a little too slow, allowing Janet to slide off the dildo and escape.

The sex fight goes on inconclusively like this for quite some little time, before the ladies decide to get serious about it…

From The Challenge by Hal.

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