It’s time for another thrilling episode of Patronize This! Two podcasts today, plus a wild card. Let’s get started:

Tina Horn at Patreon

The Why Are People Into That?! podcast is my absolute favorite project. It’s the purest reflection of my creative impulse, production style, and sexual ethos. I love making radio. I love exploring human sexuality. I love being my own boss. I love interviewing the most brilliant minds in the sexual vanguard.

Gray at Patreon

I created Graydancer’s Ropecast back in 2005 as a beginning rope bondage enthusiast with a microphone in his girlfriend’s apartment. Since then we’ve had hundreds of guests telling their own stories in their own words, including pioneers like Mollena Williams, Akira Naka, Darren Infinity, Midori, Jay Wiseman, Arisue Go, Maria Shadoes, Nawashi Kanna, Sir Dart, Nikki Nefarious, Pablo Greene, and more. I’ve covered major events like Shibaricon, NARIX, Folsom St. Fair, and anywhere else I can get to.

Tara Burns at Patreon

How are sex trafficking and prostitution laws used? Despite the raging international debate on sex work policy, we have very little data here in the United States to answer that question. This is a journalistic project to uncover the public records that exist and turn them into usable data.

I made a public records request for every case that had been charged under Alaska’s sex trafficking law, passed in 2012. Even I was surprised by the results: every single person who had been charged with sex trafficking was a sex worker who was charged with prostitution of themselves in the same case they were charged with sex trafficking either themselves or their coworkers. No children had been found, no victims had been rescued…

movie patrons

Image Credit (directly above): Movie patrons in an advertisement for the National Cash Register Company’s new ticket-printing register, from the Motion Picture Studio Directory and Trade Annual 1916.

Image Credit (top of post): A train dispatcher at work, from a 1903 issue of The Street Railway Journal.

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