Back in 2013 I spent a bit of time and effort razzing the Thingiverse people for their adult-hostile terms of service, which at the time (I haven’t checked back in with them subsequently) contained the usual butt-covering boilerplate tending to suggest they’d probably forbid sex toys if anybody could figure out how to to print some body-safe ones (said not to be possible with the 3D printers and feedstocks then available). There’s not much sign that anything has changed at Thingiverse or with the technology of 3D printing, but one entertaining “not a sex toy, just a joke” design has popped up on Thingiverse that may amuse this readership. Behold the GoPro Body Mount by Peterthinks:

body mount for a camera, not a buttplug

Peterthink’s official summary and post-print instructions read:

This started as a joke… it still is really. Print at your own risk, use at your own risk. Any day I don’t make the internet a little weirder is a waste of a day.

Print it, attach camera, insert, film event.

Evidently the bodysafe issue still looms large with 3D printables, however; because when a couple of commenters begin discussing potential practical solutions including acetone washes and silicone dips, Peterthink comes back with a more emphatic disclaimer:

This will never be safe to use. It’s just a joke. Print it, give it as a gift and get a laugh.

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