macplaymate splash screen

Not quite a year ago, a computer collector picked up an early 1990s Macintosh SE off of Craigslist that still worked (more or less) and when he did, he discovered a working copy of an 1986 computer sex game on it called MacPlaymate. He wound up posting about 18 good screenshots to Imgur with his own commentary, which is worth your time if you find this sort of thing as interesting as I do.

Macplaymate screenshot

I must admit the existence of MacPlaymate is not news to me. I never owned a Mac, but I saw this program in my college dorms, being assiduously “played” for hours at a time on Macs owned by others. I can’t say I ever got closer than the doorways of the dorm rooms where these Macs were situated — and it was often hard to see exactly what the Mac-owners in question and their leering cronies were laughing about — but I got glimpses.

macplaymate bondage screenshot

As you can see, our intrepid collector got a lot more than glimpses, and in fact he did a creditable job of documenting this sex game. Hats (and stuff) off to him!