steel dildo molds

Someone on Tumblr has a friend who has a friend who scored some excellent steel dicks:

Friend of a friend on facebook posted a picture with a caption “Someone in my smithing group got a free crate of high quality steel today in the form of “used casting molds”… I am at a loss for words.”

It’s dicks. A big box of metal dicks. Dildo molds. Just, hundreds of them.

And I can’t share it because I have family on facebook. And I’m not sure if I should repost it here because … they’re not my metal dicks.

But you should all know that there exists a big box of metal dicks that are probably going to be melted down into, I would hope, one giant metal dick.

(No, probably not. But I can dream, can’t I?)

Via Molly Ren, at which link you can also see one hilarious comment on the photo: “Fine dwarven crafts, direct from Orzimmar!”

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