famous fan dancer sally rand

The above photograph of famous burlesque performer Sally Rand appeared in the March 12, 1934 issue of Time magazine, along with the shocking news that the infamous cult of nudism had tried to buy her endorsement:

In Brooklyn, where she was appearing at the Paramount Theatre, famed Fan Dancer Sally Rand revealed that she had been offered “a big sum” to indorse nudism. Said she: “The offer shocked me. I know that if I endorsed it, a lot of fat old men would join the cult just to see me without fans. it made me sick that my lovely dance should be confused with such things. All the nudists I ever saw had scratches all over their rear ends where they had been sitting on thorns.”

The quote raises an interesting question: in what context did Sally Rand see the scratched naked bottoms of nudists, if she was not already a member of “the cult”? Inquiring minds want to know.

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