Doctor Infinity the auto-fellator

The Rialto Report has a ridiculously complete rundown on Doctor Infinity, the first and most notorious autofellatio-artist in porn:

About half way through the film ‘Every Inch A Lady’ (1975), something strange happens. Even by the standards of a New York adult film.

In this scene, a slim man in his mid 20s is introduced as ‘Joe Blow’. He is shown into the office of a madame, Crystal Laverne (played by Darby Lloyd Raines), but after tiring of waiting for her to finish her phone call, he takes the matter into his own hands. Quite literally as it turns out.

He strips naked, climbs on top of a table, lies on his back, flips his legs in the air, and proceeds to play the pink bassoon until he ejaculates. Did I mention he also inserts a cucumber in his behind whilst doing this?

Crystal stares in shock, whilst her swishy assistant Charlie (played by Kurt Mann) watches in disbelief – before declaring: “Now that’s entertainment!”

The actor, it turns out, takes his self-loving very seriously; his life turned into a long quest to make a movie of himself “doing his thing” and then trying to get it to Spain so he could show it to his artistic hero, Salvador Dali. Along the way and to make money for the trip, he took a job babysitting for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, but he got fired for the inevitable reason:

To raise money to go to Spain, he got work for Yoko Ono as a nanny to Sean Lennon. But I heard he was fired from there for showing his party trick.

I said to him “I hope you didn’t show Sean your trick?”

He said “Oh I did. That’s what got me fired”.

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