leash and ring gag but he bought her ice cream anyway

So, just another sunny day in Barcelona, walking your slave on a leash. Why would you stop to buy her an ice cream cone? How is she going to eat it?

eat it or wear it


ring gagged slave girl with an ice cream cone on her head

humiliated slave with ice cream melting on her head as she walks on a public street in spain

To me the funniest part of this whole scene is the detail from one of the pictures — blown up here for you — showing the look of outrage on the face of the dude who sold the ice cream when he sees WTF they just did with it:

outrage of an ice cream seller at wasted product

Photos are from a recent shoot in Barcelona for Public Disgrace, which is now one of the channels included in Kink Unlimited, the product where you get all of Kink.com’s sites (now called “channels”) for one monthly subscription price. (As it happens they are currently having a 20th-anniversary sale; their first site (Hogtied.com) opened back in 1997.)

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