This post falls very much in the category of my endless quest to pursue and repeat authentic-sounding accounts of diverse sexual experience that I would never encounter and do not need to understand. From the Courting Disaster advice column in Guts:

I am a non-binary faggy sort of bi trans woman who tends to be mostly into other trans women and men (cis or trans). For better or for worse, I effortlessly pass as a cis woman despite that never being the goal for my own transition.

I’ve hit a problem where years on hormones have transformed how my genitals work such that I have become an arcane puzzle-box that bewilders all of my sexual partners until they give up.

Since hormones, I have not been brought to orgasm by a sexual partner even once. Everyone who has slept with me has been a cis str8 man, also far from intentional (they only got past my “I don’t want to be seen by straight people” filter by marking themselves heteroflexible). In my experience, str8 men are generally bad at sex anyway. When I was cruising as a gay man, I was usually able to teach str8 men what to do to me to make me finish. Unfortunately, I now have no clue myself what exactly they should do. It doesn’t respond like a dick anymore, nor like a clitoris. I’ve been able to do it to myself but when others do the same things it doesn’t seem to feel like anything.

I’m not sure if this is just because the str8 men I’ve slept with aren’t very good at sex, or because I’m really that much of a challenge now.

I’m a little bit unimpressed with the conflict inherent in the suggestion that “str8 men are generally bad at sex” coming from someone who has “no clue myself what exactly they should do”, but hey, it’s an honest conflict anyway, from someone who is seeking advice on how to resolve it. Whether the advice they actually get is helpful? That’s way beyond my pay grade.