There’s an interesting little book in the Internet Archive from 1905 that appears to be a compilation in French of faintly risque cartoons and witticisms from various international publications. The book is Images galantes et esprit de l’etranger: Berlin, Munich, Vienne, Turin, Londres and I utterly lack the language and cultural context to understand most of what’s in it. But this page and caption caught my eye nonetheless:

summer fashions anti-pornographic

The caption reads “MODES ESTIVALES: Figures de cires revues et approuvées par la très honorable Ligue antipornographique. (La Luna, de Turin, juillet 1903.)” Which I take to mean, roughly, “Summer Fashions: wax figures reviewed and approved by the Right Honorable Antipornographic League.” From La Luna of Turin in July of 1903. I am confident that censors are being made fun of, but I sure wish I understood more about the context!

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