According to one of the people working on the Ted Nelson’s Junk Mail project, the sales team for the EPI-118 computer thought it was pretty damned sexy:

aphrodisiac computer disclaimer

How many computers come with a disclaimer of their aphrodisiac effects, after all?

Contrary to rumor, we know of no factual basis for the the claim that an EPI-118 computer in your home will have an aphrodisiac effect.

However, if you do install an EPI-118 in your home, EPI cannot assume any responsibility for any such effects which may occur.

Definitely you would want to see your doctor about any erections lasting longer than four hours, sure, yup, don’t neglect that.

The UK’s Center For Computing History has the only easy-to-Google image of the EPI-118, from the cover of Electronic Processors, Inc’s brochure for their 18-bit blinkenlights-and-piano-keys monstrosity:


You can really see how that would start rumors about orgies breaking out in any house where it was installed!

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