A very long time ago I posted about some leather sheets in The Stockroom’s online catalog, more because my imagination was captured by the sensuous possibilities than because I imagined that anybody would buy the rather-expensive bedding via my links. (So far as I know, nobody ever did.) I wrote:

Just the feel would be sensuous enough. But as you and yours get all hot and sweaty and those sheets start to moisten and warm up, the room would fill with that lovely leather smell, and it would get all over the both of you, too. You’d be buried in the scent of leather.

But maybe you can’t afford to wrap your whole bed in leather, or you find the maintenance daunting. Perhaps it would be sufficient to wrap your face? If so, the Folded Leather Blindfold may be for you:

contoured molded face-hugging heavy leather blindfold

Before I had any BDSM experience, I always thought a blindfold was primarily to alter the experience of the submissive: to limit one of their senses, make it easier to surprise them with a new sensation, heighten their suspense, stuff like that. Something I had to learn for myself is that it can be as much a tool for the comfort of the dominant. In a play session, especially at first, there can be a surprising amount of performance anxiety, the sense that the other party is watching and judging or even laughing behind the gag as you fumble with your ropes or smack yourself with the wrong end of the flogger. A good blindfold makes all that go away. Well, in truth, a bad blindfold probably does too, but a good one is more fun for everybody! Here’s the sales copy on this one:

A handmade blindfold that offers complete darkness, but fashionable like a masquerade piece. The tough vegetable tanned leather is molded and smoothed for a contoured fit, then lined in a velvety suede that gives luxurious comfort while further blocking the light. More than just a pretty piece, the shaping also allows for reduced pressure on the eyes and temples. The two natural suede straps meet in the back for an easy tie. No more fumbling with a sash or a piece of flat leather that builds pressure throughout the scene.

This leather blindfold is made for long wear, so much that it will continue to form with use. Every time you wear it, it will yield a little more to your specific contours and hold that shape in anticipation for the next time.

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