Perhaps, not really? To be technical: not taking it up the ass ruined Amy’s engagement, and a dispassionate observer might speculate that this actually saved her from what promised to be a genuinely disastrous marriage. Amy herself apologizes for the “clickbaity title” of her post, which is, in full: Not Taking It Up the Ass Ruined My Marriage, and Five Other Stories About Anal Sex. In due time, though, with a different guy, one of Amy’s other anal sex stories goes rather better:

I want to be ravished, to be used, to be his anal slut. His cock slides into my ass, an inch at a time, until he’s buried deep in me. And then he’s fucking me hard. I’m not getting any stimulation to my cunt or clit, but I can feel something building within me. I realise a moment before it happens that I am going to come. My ass clenches around him as my muscles spasm in my first anal-only orgasm. Watching me get off this way tips him over the edge too and he tenses, moans, and I feel him come in my ass.

Afterwards, we cuddle. I say, ‘hey, remember when I thought I didn’t like anal sex?’

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