A day and a half short of a new year, it’s time for one last 2017 Share Our Shit Saturday:

  1. Girl On The Net nails down “ironic sexism” and why it’s not as funny as you think. Dude, that moment when you get the irresistible urge to say the exact same thing as some asshole, only because it’s you saying it and you’re not an asshole, it will totally be funny? Flash news: It won’t be funny. You’ll just sound like an asshole. As far as anybody else could tell, you’ll BE an asshole. I feel your pain; this is a daily struggle for me, and not always a winning one.
  2. Paltego at Femdom Resource has some thoughts and links about the public image of femdom professionals and the damage done to their image and profession as a class by a minority of humiliation, abuse, and findom dommes who seem confused (this is my editorializing, not Paltego’s) about the distinction between domination within a negotiated scene context and abusive online treatment of random strangers as a social media marketing strategy.
  3. Congratulations to Richard Windsor, who has been blogging vintage spanking photos for eleven years and intends to keep doing so for at least another eleven. That sort of dogged curatorial devotion should win a Drunken Bacchus award, if indeed there were any such thing.

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