I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it would seem to involve the symbolic insertion of a stalk of wheat into somebody’s urethra. You might think “fertility ritual” until you pause to reflect that this is a belt buckle, which some dude was accordingly wearing really close to his junk; at which point all you can think is that it’s more in the nature of an advertisement and an invitation:

tickling a dick with a stalk of wheat

Image is from an Ebay auction where you can see that the buckle was cast by Indiana Metal Craft in 1976. The mark “Beardsley” on the back of the buckle is a clue to why the image may seem familiar; in fact it’s a folk-art adaptation of Aubrey Beardsley’s “Lysistrata Shielding Her Coynte”, though I quite honestly prefer the belt buckle version of his Lysistrata, who looks warmer and more fun:

lysistrata toying with a phallus and a stalk of wheat

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