Coming in just under the Saturday wire, my first Share Our Shit Saturday post of 2018 with a focus on sex workers and products:

  1. Liara Roux (“Professional bisexual cutie & indie porn director/producer” says her Twitter profile, “Your Travel Sized Sweetheart” says her website) is someone that I knew I owed a favor, because of her tweets at the right time that got me up to speed on the slow-rolling Patreon #pornocalypse stuff. In that moment she was just a Twitter handle to me; I didn’t know her from Adam’s off ox, and could not have picked her out of a photo lineup at a drunk tank. Eventually I discovered that she was posting catch-your-breath cute photos on Twitter. Her breaks-all-the rules, video-animated, music-playing website is the most persuasive example of a professional woman’s anchoring web presence I have encountered, but be warned: it’s mesmerizing. It’s lucky I’m not a rich man, else I might soon be a rather poorer one.
  2. In case you have somehow missed it, one of my oldest blogfriends Mistress Matisse has masterminded and is marketing an intimacy-enhancing cannabis-based sensual lube called Velvet Swing. Currently only available at select legal cannabis retailers in the state of Washington, so I don’t in-person know anybody with experience of the product. But Mistress Matisse has just about the lowest bullshit-quotient of any sex worker I’ve ever encountered on social media, and she’s convinced me that she poured her heart into creating and getting this stuff onto the market. I believe in her and she believes in Velvet Swing, and that’s good enough for me.
  3. Adroitly multitasking camgirl Haylee Love manages two dildos, a buttplug, and a vibrator, while rocking a collar and cat ears. Sheerest talent, gentlemen, on display at Sensual Liberation Army.

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