Hey, hey, hey, it’s Saturday! Let’s Share Our Shit!

  1. I’ll start with a special shout-out to Paltego at Femdom Resource, who rightly bemoans the accelerating trend of the disappearing blogroll: “One unfortunate trend I spotted when refreshing my blogroll was the number of sites that don’t have a blogroll at all. I’m not sure if that’s a new trend, or an ongoing thing that I’ve just not noticed before. Either way, I’m not a fan. A blogroll (or a links page) is the original version of Share Our Shit. In many ways, it’s a human version (in a very hand wavy way) of the classic Google PageRank alogrithm. If I like the writing of this blogger, there’s a good chance I’ll also like the stuff they read. Ironically, search engines themselves tend to suck at queries like “Femdom Blog”. I’d say 80% of the blogs I find come via links on other people’s blogs, with the other 20% from social media, comments or email. So if you’ve got a blog, please put up links to other blogs you like and read. It can be a traditional blogroll or a separate page or whatever. Just show a little love to your fellow bloggers and gives your readers some interesting people to explore.”
  2. Here’s the home page of Melissa Gira Grant, whose Twitter coverage about the ongoing purge of strippers from Bourbon Street in New Orleans under the guise of a fake human trafficking panic have been my only access to the story (it hasn’t appeared in any of my other regular news channels or feeds). Grant does good work.
  3. My good friend Dr. Faustus has added an index page at Erotic Mad Science for his Fabulae Atroces Fausti — the darker tales that were released recently and including the currently-being-released with daily pages tentacle-monster spectacular Bait.

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