Hey, hey, hey, it’s Saturday! Let’s Share Our Shit!

  1. There’s an ancient and high-quality link list that has been very kind to ErosBlog over the years. It’s called Indie Nudes and I literally know nothing about who runs it; they publish an email address but communicate never, at least not with me. Still, they linked to ErosBlog very early and sent good traffic when I needed it, and their other links are high quality (if sometimes dated, though I cast no stones nor aspersions on that score). I just noticed they link to a sex blog not familiar to me called Slutever that’s clearly run by people who play the marketing game at a much higher level than I do; the three women who blog at Slutever have a business representative at a talent agency, and a book, and a television show, and 33k Twitter followers, and a Facebook page with 19k likes (the which, I don’t even comprehend given the #pornocalypse). But anyway, what caught my eye was their Week In Sex link roundup. I love a good sex news link roundup; after many many years of quality product, I know for example that Violet Blue’s is always worth retweeting (and saving to read later) before I ever read it. The one at Slutever? Maybe not so much. One sentence, or two short ones, per link; the stories all pretty high-profile, the sort of thing you already saw if you use Twitter and follow sex stuff at all. If you work in insurance and Slutever is the raciest web page you read, probably useful.
  2. A few days ago I posted a Twitter-musing about an oddity of the financial-domination professionals, namely that I haven’t observed any of them to exist on Twitter without attempting to perform their professional hustle on Twitter, which is a highly toxic experience for random bystanders. This is in sharp contrast to other kinds of sex workers; for example, a great many “normal” dominatrixes exist and even market themselves on Twitter without (for example) performing histrionic misandry at high volume, even if some amount of that might happen in a session or in DMs with clients. Anyway, I’m sure it all reflects my continued failure to understand something fundamental about the financial domination kink and the profession of satisfying it. If you are like me, you may find this blog post and linked article by Susannah Breslin at least a little bit helpful, although even she forthrightly admits she’s not sure she understands it even after she wrote her article about it.
  3. My friend Dr. Faustus has, as promised, continued building out his mad-science comic Bubbles with a Chinese-language edition, as announced here.

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