sharing our shit on saturday

Not every Saturday can be a Share Our Shit Saturday, but this one is:

  1. Stolen (borrowed, ganked, call it how you like) from Girl On The Net’s link roundup today, a might-actually-help post at Domme Chronicles to share with men who ask that difficult question about how to get their wives interested in femdom.
  2. Rain DeGrey has a podcast! Two episodes ( EP-001 EP-002 ) so far. And a Patreon to keep it going. Now, I know a few of you assholes can’t deal with a woman who has sex and opinions at the same time, or even alternately; this might not be for you. But the rest of y’all are probably in for a treat.
  3. Author Peter Tupper issues a truly excellent link roundup monthly at his History Of BDSM blog, with a focus on BDSM/kink/leather. The most recent one is here.
  4. Not only is my good friend Dr. Faustus blowing new posts up onto his image blogs Hedonix and Infernal Wonders today at a prodigious rate, but the day before yesterday he released his mad-science comic Bubbles (बुलबुले) in Hindi, adding by his estimate another quarter of a billion potential readers at a minimum. (If you have wondered why Faustus’s projects are so often included in my #SoSS roundups, it’s because — as if our friendship and his prodigious creative output were not sufficient reasons — he’s a stalwart supporter of the ErosBlog Patreon. Many rewards for patrons include a specific formal promise to help promote them in some way, but I don’t rules-lawyer my patrons; if you’re a patron and you ask me, I’ll find some commensurate way to help promote your stuff!)

Image credit: The #SoSS banner at the top of this post features English actresses Gertrude Glynne and Gaynor Rolands sharing a book.

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