In case you’ve ever wondered about some of the mythological couplings between giants and little people and other successful sexual exploits involving diverse fantasy races, it all comes down, apparently, to the absorptive power of a woman’s loins. This tale comes from Irish folk mythology via the Sengoídelc website:

In the tale “Aided Fergusa” found in “Silva Gadelica”, Fergus falls in lust with Bébó, the queen of a very small race of Otherworld folk. The tale then relates the following:

And while Fergus was having sex with her he put a hand on the top of her head and the queen asked him why he put the hand on the crown of her head.

“I’m amazed,” he said, “my manly part being seven handwidths and you being only three handwidths that it doesn’t go right out through your head. That’s why I put my hand on your head.”

“Well, stop it, Fergus,” she said. “A woman’s loins can absorb a lot!”

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