sharing our shit on saturday

I like to Share Our Shit of a Saturday, and this is a Saturday, so:

  1. I link fairly often to Paltego at Femdom-Resource, so I was thrilled to see him mention that he’d given this detailed interview to Miss Ava Zhang. The chance to learn more about him while also linking to and providing visibility to a woman in her line of work that I otherwise would not have known about, at a her own site — which is what these #SoSS posts are all about! — that I normally would not have had an excuse to visit, is a bonus in these trying times.
  2. Since last we checked in with my good friend Dr. Faustus, he’s been busy; his empire of projects and commissions has been churning right along. Notable releases include The Sacrifice Of Gigi, which is an even-darker re-imagining by the artist Faustus Crow (no relation) of one of the scenes from Dr. Faustus’s comic In The Kitchen With Dolcetta. Dr. Faustus also completed publication of his sexy Star Trek parody The Needs Of The Many in both English and Spanish languages. I’m also pleased to announce that Faustus has got me doing image research for him again, and blogging the results at Erotic Mad Science; the first of these commissions appeared yesterday. Finally, a casual image forward on my part has become rather more; after sending him a vintage tube-girl illustration from a Japanese source, Faustus commissioned a paid translation of the accompanying text to provide context for a blog post about the image. Never let it be said that the man is not dedicated to his art!
  3. The History of BDSM blog puts out a monthly roundup of deep-dive and/or thoughtful kink and BDSM links. It’s a pretty impressive effort that’s worth some time if you’re interested in these subjects.