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The press of affairs in recent weeks has kept me from Sharing Any Saturday Shit, and I still haven’t had time to trip lazily through my links for undiscovered gems, but a few of the usual honorable suspects who reliably churn out things that need to be shared have, indeed, produced on schedule:

  1. The Rialto Report, which had formerly published online digital copies of the complete first eight issues of Flick magazine, has now added to its website the other twelve existing issues of this short-lived 1970s porn magazine.
  2. The June link roundup from History of BDSM is, again and typically, good. So much so that its appearance is another one of the strong motivators for doing this #SoSS today.
  3. My good friend Dr. Faustus has finished another Tales Of Gnosis College chapter: Chapter 2 in The Adventures of Ashley Madder. (Don’t miss the bonus Women Of Gnosis College Angelique Porpulac pinup on the last page.) Also now available in the ongoing march of Dr. Faustus releases: Bubbles in Polish.

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