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I’ll confess to not being as regular about Sharing Our Shit on Saturday as I would like to be, but here I am today on this particular Saturday with some excellent shit to share:

  1. That industrious patron of the arts and my good friend Dr. Faustus has been busy since the last time I shared his publications and productions. Recent output includes editions of his comic Bubbles in Hebrew (עברית), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt), and Bengali (বাংলা). The third chapter is now available in The Adventures of Ashley Madder, and there has been a substantial revision/addition to the comic Bait, announced here. Four new pieces of commissioned art supplementary to Bait (or pendant to it, if you prefer the word that Dr. Faustus uses) have also been published: here and here and here and here. And finally, all the Bait goodies have a permanent secure home at the Internet Archive now. I swear I don’t know how Faustus does it!
  2. The Rialto Report continues its ambitious project of making high-quality scans of porn magazines from forty years ago. This time it’s a visit to 1980 with the issues from that year of Cinema-X Review and Adam Film World.
  3. Ten Things I’ve Learned From 10 Years Of Sex — a really smart bit of writing from Kate Sloan at Girly Juice. I sure as shit didn’t learn that much in my first ten years of having sex, and in a lot more than ten years I never learned to write paragraphs so nice and tight.
  4. I appreciate a good obsession as well as the next person, so I am in awe of this post at Vanilla Spanking that explores at 3,500-word length (plus extensive visual material) the question of whether there was ever a Tarzan movie in which Jane gets a spanking. One word answer: no. But every near-spanking and situation in which Tarzan threatens to spank somebody is lovingly detailed, and the one funny-papers comic-strip panel in which Tarzan does spank an abusive lady big game hunter is presented in both its as-originally-published and later-reprint spanking-censored-out versions. Obsessions, man, long may they wave!

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