They thought they’d won the lottery: the sun was warm, they had the nude beach completely to themselves, the water sparkled, the breeze was pleasant, and they didn’t have a care in the world. Nobody had warned them about the sand squids:

sand squid tentacle breeding attack on a nude beach

It’s especially clear that they failed to read the proper page in the field guide:

Species: Sand Squid
Categories: Terrestrial, Marine
Phylum: Mollusca
Range: Unknown, but has been observed in equatorial to mid-latitude coastal Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Description: Adult appears similar in length to Architeuthis, but with elevated eyes for detecting prey at the surface. Tentacles terminate in dexterous tendrils with apparent reproductive function. Differentiation of the sexes is indeterminate.
Behavior: Omnivorous and sexually predatory. May migrate from deep sea to shore, at unpredictable season and location. Chromatophores enable perfect camoflage, allowing close approach to prey, which is siezed from below sand surface.

Art is by Synthean.

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