I found this advertisement for photos of Brigitte Bardot in the back of the July 1958 issue of True War magazine, a fairly lame men’s pulp:

brigitte bardot sexy photos ad

I don’t know what postal rates in 1958 were, or printing costs either for that matter. But somehow I suspect that no matter how “sensational and exciting” the photos were, to get forty of them reproduced and in an envelope and delivered for a buck means that corners were being cut somewhere. Maybe they weren’t so “big” or maybe they weren’t so “glossy” or maybe they were printed on paper so thin you could see through it. But one way or another, I predict a disappointed customer. By way of comparison, the magazine in which the advertisement appeared cost 35 cents, but (a) it wasn’t shipped via the post office and (b) it had sixty pages of dull thin grey newsprint. The only thing glossy about it was the front and back cover.

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