If a woman wants the pleasure she wants and has no patience at all for putting up with the nonsense of fuckboys, one increasingly-popular strategy is what I shall call “direct supervision”:

man forced to lick leather-clad dominatrix with pierced nipples

This femdom photo was hashtagged as vintage by Mr. Underheel on Twitter, whose image curation marks him in my estimation as something of an expert. When, as here, none of my usual image provenancing methods turn up any deeper information, I generally consider that to indicate an older origin also, harking back at least to the print-publication era. However, in this case there’s just something about the overall composition that strikes me as modern. I want to say “the style of the nipple piercings” but I’m not an expert in those and I’m sure if I said that somebody would land on my head with Victorian-era examples. So let’s just leave this with the notation that my instincts are twitching with a reservation that it might not be as “vintage” as it seems.

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