This rarely-attempted athletic sex position (I’m inserting my own assumptions here; I have no data) comes from the pages of Fascination #6, a German porn magazine from February 1978:

69 in a standing position

sixtynine standing up

Fascination was one of those Europorn mags where the little bit of prose and commentary was printed in four different languages to cover as many export markets as possible. The English narration for these images, which I think shows itself by one poor word choice to be a translation by a non-native speaker, reads as follows:

Klaus is damned hot for his young wife. He rises, catches her about her rounded hips, and holds her so firmly that he is able to lick her dripping snatch while at the same time she can swallow his twitching prick and irritate it with her teeth and lips. He cannot hold this position too long…

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