This is one of the rare images I publish where provenance makes it more problematic. I think it stands on its own as erotic art, and so I was tempted to just drop it here and leave it as such:

Indiana della Guaiana interna captioned in La Terra, trattato popolare di geografia universale per G. Marinelli ed altri scienziati italiani by Giovanni MARINELLI 1898

That remains pretty much my plan. In the context where I found it — a 19th-century European geography of the Americas — publishing this nude portrait was, I deem, gratuitous, racist, and colonialist in varying degrees. None of those things is inherent in the artwork, but the more details of provenance I share, the more emphatically that polluted context contaminates what I consider to be a perfectly beautiful engraving. So, in a reversal of my usual practice, I’ve stripped the context and presented just the artwork.