On the day in which Roger Stone’s day began with the sound of an unpaid FBI SWAT team hammering at his front door in the pre-dawn darkness, it’s worth sharing more widely the curious fact that Stone has a seriously sexy Richard Nixon tattoo on his back. Tricky Dick himself, trapped and leering in stale ink on Roger Stone’s shoulderblades for all these long decades:

Richard Nixon tattoo on Roger Stone's back right between his shoulder blades

Did I say the Nixon tattoo was sexy? I didn’t just make that up. That’s Stone’s own account, and his relationship with the truth is famous! He told a female interviewer it was, her paraphrase, “a hit with the ladies,” adding (this part is a direct quote) “You’ll never meet another man with a dick in the front and a dick in the back.”

Let’s zoom in on Roger Stone’s back dick, OK? Dick, are you ready for your closeup?

closeup of the Nixon tattoo on Roger Stone between his shoulder blades

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