I stalwartly maintain that farmers and rural dwellers don’t get enough fanservice from (mostly urban) pornographers. It’s not often enough that we see a wayward porn babe get stuffed into any of the myriad cages, pens, stables, crates, coops, and similar animal-containment infrastructure that clutters up the places where farm animals are reared. For this reason alone, Dirty Hobby (from Wasteland and/or Kink Unlimited) deserves a mention:

Jada Sinn in a chicken-brooding crate

Jada Sinn’s pissed-off expression as she realizes she’s locked naked in a wire cage with a bunch of young chickens — and forced to share the space with a sack of feed that’s not as much like a pillow as she expected — is just glorious. I guess she’ll be more respectful to her mistress next time!

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