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A very long time ago, before the internet was a thing, I used to spend a lot of time buying and reading magazines. In those days, every good bookstore had a magazine rack that covered an entire wall. And, though you couldn’t buy porn magazines in the most respectable magazine outlets, there was an entire niche of magazines that walked right up to the porn-or-not line, getting as close to it as they could without actually stepping across it. One of these — and my aging brain is not producing the title — featured an extravaganza of beautiful people with extreme muscles, who showed off those muscles by parading for the camera in the tiniest underwear anyone could imagine. I don’t recall ever buying that magazine, but I sure browsed it with my full attention!

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Sadly, the golden age of magazine diversity is gone. But the internet that killed magazines did so by offering an even greater diversity of niche online pleasures. That’s how we came to live in a world with muscle girl cam sites and — thanks to Rule 34 — an endless diversity of porny buff-girl imagery, more than could ever be contained in any magazine.

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In those not-quite-porn magazines, all the muscular girls ever did was stand around looking buff. Flexing looks good, but there are limits to its eroticism. On the other hand, a buffed-out camgirl will presumably do whatever you can negotiate and pay her for. That’s much better! But when it’s not an option, the world’s hentai artists have your back. Powerful naked women doing every damn thing you can imagine, until your finger wears out from clicking the search results.

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Do you want to see a cartoon lesbian muscle chick in leather bondage, getting pounded from behind by another toughgirl who enjoys wearing a big strap-on dildo? Friend, the internet has you covered. Or, maybe your needs are more pedestrian and straightforward. Perhaps all you want is to see a debauched blonde with abs as impressive as her tits, being reamed up the ass while also getting her pussy fingered? It’s a simple request, and easy to fulfill:

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Perhaps at the end of the day you are a purist. Perhaps you think extravagant musculature is wasted unless it’s being put to good use in some sort of physical contest or struggle. But you’re here reading ErosBlog, so of course you want “that, only porn.” Fear not. Sweaty naked powerful women wrestling for the entertainment of the crowd may be precisely what you ordered!

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