Today’s moment of joy:

I’m not a big fan of those shit-stirring vids on TikTok where some wife or girlfriend asks her man an impossible question where all the answers are dangerous. A recent one is “would you be able to pick out my hoo-ha from a lineup of 100 hoo-ha photos?”

The most joyous thing I’ve seen today was the absolute king who looked his red-headed wife dead in the eye and with a wide smile he replied “Oh, yeah, no problem. It’ll be the big red hairy one.”

What all these memes have in common is a woman looking for a fight (a playful one, hopefully) by putting her man in an impossible defensive situation and then tormenting him once he’s stuck there. He usually can’t deny her the fight, but he can always seize the tactical initiative, go on offense, and avoid getting bogged down in the lowlands. Extra points if he can keep the twinkle in his eye while he does it.

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