It’s time to start the huge job of updating the blog roll with all the cool new blogs that sprang up while I was gone. And, sadly, it’s also time to remove a few moribund ones that seem to be gone for good. But I’ll put that off for a few more days, the way I always do.

But I had to add a hot new babe log: Not Work Safe. [Link later died and was removed.]

The aside that ate the blog post: I hate that name, just like I hate the way people refer to ErosBlog as not work safe. It’s a pet peeve. See, the deal is, ErosBlog is safe for work, although perhaps not conducive to getting any done. If it’s not safe for you to view ErosBlog where you work, it’s your work that’s not safe for ErosBlog. Just because some of my readers live in the United States and choose to work in environments where they are treated like horny fifth-graders and assumed to be unable to make responsible choices about viewing and displaying sexual material, there’s no reason to call the blog unsafe, especially when other readers and potential readers live or work in less repressive societies (or environments, such as their own office or home) where the blog is perfectly safe. Folks, if your work isn’t safe for ErosBlog, consider getting some different work! And if you can’t do that (and I know a lot of folks feel stuck in their lives) at least don’t assume that everyone else in the world is in the same boat. Modest proposal: Try saying “not safe for sex-hostile environments” or some such.

Er, sorry, I’ll stop ranting now. Back to business.

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