As I mentioned last time, ErosBlog will be ten years old in October. So I’m rooting through the archives on an occasional basis to pull together some “best of” posts. Today’s list is from 2003, if you can remember that far back:

  • I think this may have been the first post where I really started defending porn on the basis of its genuine utilitarian benefits: Bacchus on Porn
  • An object lesson on photoshopped porn: Alas, Fun With Photoshop
  • This was the post where I learned the vital lesson that no matter how obscure ErosBlog was then or is now, if you say something about a named person on the internet, they may just show up in your comments to remonstrate with you about what you said. Also: never have felt the same about citrus fruit after this. Got Orange Juice?
  • Was this the first of many many times I linked one of Dan Savage’s Savage Love columns? I think it might be. Also notable for my cynical joke about marriage: Let’s Not Make This Harder Than It Needs To Be
  • I tried then and I try now to stay away from war and politics, but it’s impossible to talk about sex at any great length without war and politics creeping into the discussion. Early in the Iraq war, I had this to say on the sexualization of artillery: Money Shot.
  • It’s really a bad idea to let me start tinkering with old song lyrics. Bill Grogan’s Girl
  • I didn’t say so at the time, but the reason I posted this artwork was that it reminded me strongly of an unattainable girl I had a crush on in college: Veil Dancer
  • The first dirty joke I both heard and comprehended back when I was just a sprout. Illustrated: What’s Better Than Two Roses On A Piano?
  • Sex news you can actually use! If you’re flexible enough, that is: Interview With An Autofellator
  • This may be the first post in which I started failing to conceal my somewhat radical views on the toxicity of the traditional cubical-rat wage economy: Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class
  • I’m still a little reticent by modern sex blogging standards, but in the early days of this blog I revealed astonishingly little about my own thinking on sexual matters. Here’s an early departure from that policy: Olfactory Delights
  • Why I hate warning pages, adult verification check-the-box traps, and anything else that interferes with the smooth operation of hyperlinking technology. Yeah, it’s a little bit political. THIS Is The Culture War?
  • One of my very rare forays into the provision of safer sex information, along with the reason why they are so rare: Soon To Be A Daddy
  • How long have I hated the “NSFW” label? Forever: Safe To Cuddle
  • This is still one of the best spam emails I ever got: Found Poetry
  • The dirtiest little yellow animated smile icon I ever saw. All these years later, yup it still is: Raunchiest Smiley Ever
  • There were other memorable posts in 2003, but none more momentous. Here’s the very first post on ErosBlog mentioning The Nymph, with whom I was then carrying out a nascent internet romance via email and ICQ. At the time of this post there had been four phone calls. Less than four months later, we were living together. Today? Still together, still very happy with each other. Never let anybody tell you that you can’t find true love over the internet! The Nymph In My Net: Beginnings
  • For as long as I’ve been sex blogging, the gender imbalance among sex bloggers has been noticeable. Here’s one theory about it: Men And Sex Blogs

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