Here’s an amusing anecdote about one of the reasons young ladies sometimes make out with each other:

One evening my closest school friend and I were ineffectively trying to get these two guys to come drink with us. They, being Amherst Men, could not drag themselves away from their dip and Nintendo. The night had already involved some girl-on-girl action and we suddenly hatched a foolproof scheme to get the boys to play with us. After we made out in their doorway
for mere moments they were turning off the TV and running to the bathroom to spit out their plugs. I still don’t know what they thought was in store for them, but we got what we wanted: the four of us playing Go Fish, drinking beers late into the night. This story highlights one of the most common reasons straight girls kiss other girls: to get men’s attention.

Amherst men? Figures. Ladies, unless things have changed in the last ten or fifteen years, I’m sure you’d be much happier with some Ephs.