Interesting article on brothel life, courtesy of the Ratty’s Ghost archives. There’s something for everyone in there, including frustrated economists:

Most brothels have completely unacceptable pricing structures, which one is expected to follow. Prices vary according to the location and quality of the individual brothel, but most of the time, whatever the asking price is, it’s insulting when you consider the cost of living and the price of other services in the area. Escort services are even worse–some of them charge as little as $200/hour, and you’re expected to give half of that to the house, and another $10-$20 to your driver, leaving you with eighty dollars, for which you’re expected to let the client fuck you. (Right. That’ll happen.)

Needless to say, it’s not a good idea to go along with that kind of stupidity. You can get $80/hour doing an ordinary job, for Christ’s sake. There’s no point in doing something which may or may not even be legal in your area if you aren’t going to be well-compensated.

Thanks to Daze for the link.