Wanton Maleness. What a great name for a blog! And it’s a pretty yummy one, too. However, in a recent post on awesome sex, our correspondent writes:

Unfortunately she was having her “visitor” so that limited options.

What’s the problem with having sex while a woman’s menstruating? Sure, it can be messy, but there are ways to avoid that, or clean up afterwards (hydrogen peroxide is very effective, especially on fresh blood stains). Having to duck out for a couple of minutes prior to the festivities commencing in earnest is a hassle, but a minor one that, to me, is always worth it. (It’s just like donning Mr. Raincoat so that no lives get accidentally created.)

Besides, the question of adequate lubrication is moot, and for most women (but not all — this is not a failproof contraceptive technique!), making happy during menses without Mr. Raincoat carries a lower risk of pregnancy. For me, on the few occasions I’ve had bad menstrual cramps, a nice romp has worked better than any pharmaceutical nostrum.

So, am I a weirdo sex-fiend sex goddess? Maybe … but I will admit to being squicked by the idea of cunnilingus during my period. So I’m not completely uninhibited either. :crazy: