In all the discussion Aphrodite stirred up about sex during menstruation, I was suprised that nobody pointed out the fetish angle. Yes, boys and girls, there are men (and perhaps women too, although it seems much rarer in general to find anecdotes about women with strongly-held unusual fetishes) who fetishize menstrual blood. Just ask Mistress Matisse.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my feelings on the subject are ambivalent. The women I’ve been with have been quick to bat my hand etc. away at that time of the month, and I’ve never really been the “overwhelm her feeble protests” type (although that’s a fun game to play). However, I’ve had some good sex in the dark that turned out to be bloody. No big deal. And I’m on record for the proposition that a gentlemen shouldn’t freak out about sex messes. Which, gentlemen, means “No big deal” is your story and you had bloody well better (pardon the expression) stick to it. Make her feel good about whatever happens, no matter what your inner girlyman is shrieking.