This just in from the Russian tabloids (as translated by Russia Makes It Funny):

“Life is too short, one has to try everything!” Svetlana decided.

Vera brought in a cat. The cat named as Timka was living in the house for quite a long time. Vera took her clothes off, put the light out and played an adult movie on the video recorder. She lied down, took a bottle of valerian and poured some on her most intimate body part. When the cat smelled valerian, he started licking it away, putting Vera in the state of ecstasy.

Unfortunately, the tale ends badly, with a visit to the emergency room. (Please bear in mind that Russian tabloids are even more lurid and fantastic than American ones. But if more Russian women had Svetlana’s approach, perhaps the Russian bride importatio business would be even more brisk than it already is?)

Thanks (I think) to FleshBot for the link.