Home again, tired but happy. Definitely worth putting up with the “when are you going to settle down and get married?” and other nosy questions the relatives toss out, to have an unexpectedly sex-filled weekend with a highschool flame. :D

I’m still digging through email, but found an interesting one from a friend (who doesn’t know I contribute to this blog, making his question even more amusing). He’s wondering about shaving himself. He’s noticed that alot of the porn pix have bare or nearly-bare girls, and that some of the guys shave their balls. So, he’s thinking of doing it to himself (or maybe asking his wife to help), and wondering if he does, how far should he go? Just the testicles, or off with all the pubes? What about maintenance? Does it make oral sex more interesting or fun, as Vikki at Her Desires says it does for the girls? Would it be better for both partners?

I just don’t know about all this shaving stuff. I’m seriously squicked at the idea of bringing something so sharp so close to such sensitive places. When I had the money to spend on such things, I was a wax girl. But the woman who did it never would take off as much as I’d request on my labia, I guess because she thought it would hurt. And I liked the way it looked, and felt, just fine anyway. So I’m asking y’all to pipe up with your experiences if you want to, and I’ll point my friend this way. It’ll be a nice surprise for him in lots of ways. :laugh:

And, just because it’s nice to feature a change of pace from the nearly-bare girlies, here’s a totally hot photo of Hiromi from Brett and Hiromi’s blog at Indecent Blogging:

[photographed removed at request of the subject]