OK, so the deal here is, I’m not going to vouch for this suggestion. My experience is that there’s a good chance this will earn you the side of a flailing fist right on that little soft tender spot along the side of your temple, about an inch back of your eye and up a skosh. But I did think it was, as the kids say, wrote funny:

Ok guys, if you do this then you to can become a God and your woman will worship my penis for it, regardless of how small it is (yes I said MY penis since I’m getting some type of credit here).

So what is it you may ask? Well it has to do with the oral secks. “I go down on my woman all da times” you say, well are you doing it rites I say? Apparently some guys will do the carpet munching thing and as soon as the woman climaxeseses, they stop and stick it in. If you do this then you are one big stupid stupid-head because that is wrong, wrong, wrong! What you need to do is keep going for 5 to 10 more minutes until they can’t take it anymore THEN you can stick it wherever you want. I try to pace myself until she gets there then I start really getting into it once she peaks. She’ll start cursing and kicking and trying to pull me up but I’ll just keep on going until I get tired. Once the woman has been at that point for a while you can do anything your heart desires and all she’ll do is scream for God and ask for more and tell all her friends how great you are. Hopefully she’ll mention me to for telling you dumbasses to begin with.

And there you have it.